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I truely live a “High Frequency” life style and love every minute of it…. Young Living Esentail Oils became a  major part of my  lifestyle several years ago, and my  chemical free journey began. Ashleigh( my daughter) and I, began this journey together.  Learning, researching oils and uses/strategies that give both the humans and our animals a high frequency lifestyle. Ashleigh works with our “Horses to Hounds” and I cover the “Human” members of our families…

Together…. chemical free- high frequency living-is a life style… We would love for you to join us…..

I had a complete hysterectomy  9 years ago and I have been taking compounded hormones since that day…Every year my Doctor would remind me of the breast cancer warnings and ask about the possibility of eliminating them from my life… Every year… I would tell her “Oh no.. I become a crazy woman”. Since I started my oily journey,  I now support the endocrine  system with  the wonderful “Progessence Plus” essential oil blend and can  successfully proclaim that we have the “Crazy woman” under control.

Peppermint usually does the trick with mental clarity…. Clove and Di-gize have kept the digestive system happy and healthy   and Stress Away and Peace and Calm are my “Little Friend”….supporting my adrenal system for my everyday life as a College Professor, Cotillion Director, Wife and Mom.. I use these oils everyday to assist in keeping my stress levels under control.   

In my home… oils are replacing many chemicals… I use 2 drops of lavender on wool dryer balls in the  as a clothes softener dyer sheet… I diffuse oils instead of burning candles… I put a couple of drops in the floor steamer to refresh the room… I use baking soda with a couple of drops for  that ” fresh” smell when I vacuum… I make outdoor sprays…. body lotion… shaving cream… chap stick….the uses are endless and I find new uses everyday.

We have oils that you  use in the kitchen… try lemon oil instead of flavoring… peppermint, oregano,  or black pepper….the cooking options are endless and it takes less oil than using the traditional, diluted alternative.

Now add in my Fur Baby,Bella, we have a set of oils just for her.  I use them for system support in a variety of ways as well.

As you can tell from the brief review…. Essential Oils are a part of my everyday life…. I am “Infused”.

The key is to start out SLOW and replace one item at the time…. I started with the diffuser… and moved forward from there….

I assumed that my husband would be completely skeptical when I started using oils for our everyday  wellness support–and he was. At least at first. Until he saw (and felt) the results. Now he is the first to ask for them! What I really love is that there is absolutely no obligation to sell anything when you become a wholesale member. You have that option, but it’s in no way a requirement, and many people become wholesale members just to get the awesome 24% discount on Young Living oils.

How to Buy Young Living Oils

There are a few different options. You’ll likely want to choose the wholesale member option when you sign up so that you’ll get the 24% discount (if you just choose “Customer” then the prices are retail prices). Once you fill out your information you will need to pick an enrollment kit. Please click on the “Getting Started”tab on the home page for additional information and options.

When you join the High Frequency for Living ,Young Living Essential Oils, team as either a “distributor” or a “customer”, you have made the decision to join our large group of excited individuals that enjoy using our Young Living oils. You will receive:

1. Resource materials to learn how to move into the Young Living essential oil lifestyle supporting your body systems with Young Living Essential oils and remove Chemicals from all aspects of your life.

2. Upline support with virtual and face-to-face classes and Make and Takes.

3. Our team members that are not near by or can not make the classes, NO WORRIES… you will receive mail out surprises with class follow ups.

4. Powerpoint slides from our classes are posted either in our password protected area or in the Oily business blog page for your convenience.

5. Recipes for a variety of situations and support system goodies, covering family, home and animals are available in our password protected area to empower you with knowledge and direction. These are updated after make and takes and periodically to assist and support our team needs. Please feel free to contact with any questions. I will do my best to research and assist.

6.The opportunity to share your “Oily”experiences with our Oily family through our Facebook page and the connection to several other pages in our Oily family. It is nice to see how others are using Young Living Essential Oils and know that I have that support team.

Why I use Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around since the THIRD day of creation. They are definitely not the latest “fad,” but are now exploding with awareness due to years of harmful side effects we have experienced with medication, chemical filled products/food, and a toxin filled environment.  When I heard that the frequency that you find in sound waves and light waves was also found in all living plants and animals… The light bulb went off above my head and suddenly… I realized what a healthy body needed. My Doctorate of Science and my strong faith merged and  now support each other…. It makes complete sense….

WOW!! high frequency equals better health…..

I believe that life requires continuous education. As opportunities are brought to you- you train and challenge yourself to be the best. I  wear a wide variety of hats and complete a wide range of task daily. Young Living Essentail Oils provide a foundation for all the crazy, busy aspects of my…. Mom. wife, sister,music, horses, four wheeling, boating, stage performance, teaching in the classroom, coaching , instructing adults or instructing and modeling etiquette and manners for my Cotillion LIFE. 

When you meet Dr. Puryear, I pray that you will see  a  “High frequency lifestyle” and   a “Southern Lady” supported with the healthy HIGH frequency of Young Living Essential oils.



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